• Coloured Paper Cut-outs
  • Coloured Paper Cut-outs
  • Coloured Paper Cut-outs

Coloured Paper Cut-outs

My work tries to explore and examine the boundary between painting drawing and sculpture. This I do by making coloured paper cut outs. The initial idea is sketched and reworked on paper, which is the drawing phase of the procedure. The cutting pasting and applying of paper to a support is a different dynamic from that of applying paint to a canvas, and could be the intermediate step, personally speaking between painting/drawing, and full blown sculpture. Ive been painting drawing for several years. Im inspired by ancient civilisations like the Aztecs/Mayans and the ancient egyptians. Picasso said that looking at a painting should be similar in effect to that of razor blades, or words to that effect, he meant that a painting should hit us forcefully, I agree with that sentiment and try to reproduce it in some of my pictures. Im also influenced by matisse who first brought the medium to prominence.

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