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As an artist, I view the creative process as somewhat of a mystery. I feel as though when I enter into the creative process that I am somehow entering into another world that transcends space and time, yet I am still on Earth in this life, in a dialog with some sort of higher truth that cannot be expressed with words.

The motivation to make art seems to come from a deep desire to communicate, it transcends culture, language, and time. This process, like the life experience, is an extremely rewarding one, even when it is painful. I see it as a metaphor for life on a host of levels that illuminate and unveil certain truths about our existence, the human condition, and the universe itself.

Working digitally, with time-based medium, I have found myself trying to use my footage and source files much like I would use my paints when painting. I am intrigued with the act of painting, the physicality of the medium and the challenges it presents. Manipulating paint onto a surface fascinates me and often is the true narrative behind the work.

This body of work seeks to merge sensibilities of painting with those of video. Exploring ideas of abstract expressionism, I have employed techniques that further manipulate the footage to resemble something altogether different than that of the original. Thinking purely of space, color, and movement of form, I compose my videos as if they were, in a sense, a time-based painting.

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