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The world is a boring place, and art is an escape from the boredom. Erika Smith has lived a double live for some years now, excelling both industry and art. She quietly works as a number, just like you in the business world, but secretly has for years been creating a collection of mixed media collage while the suits aren’t watching.

Her mixed media collage style has been largely self-taught and inspired by the world around her., She sees the appeal of not only the typical sense of beauty, but the life and splendor in decay as well. One man’s trash is Erika’s treasure, as she can be found rooting through the discarded to incorporate antique photos and paint with broken glass, rusty nails, cast away doll parts, and a myriad of elements that seem unnatural but work so well together with Erika’s touch.

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The 2nd-hand book Art

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