• The 2nd-hand book Art
  • The 2nd-hand book Art
  • The 2nd-hand book Art

The 2nd-hand book Art

  • Added 09/29/2009

It was two books lying unwanted in the reception area of my building that have been the foundation to this series of projects: how many consider what this has to say about ourselves? Not just in terms of waste but also how we see paper – the life this is drawn from and what this means to communication overall.

In the spirit of books these works speak in a few images what volumes, literally, cannot.

Taking second-hand and discarded English or Japanese texts, these strive to make this overlooked, ignored and often forgotten medium come to a new life.

This project is far from over: one can expand on this or nearly any other medium and show how the origins and sources ultimately effect everything they contact, even while the spectator remains unaware of this force.

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