• The White Snake (animation)
  • The White Snake (animation)
  • The White Snake (animation)

The White Snake (animation)

Recently in my work, I have focused primarily on human nature, and gravitate toward related subjects and the characters they convey.

For a while I have been working on short films without spoken word where images alone build the narrative. To me, events and stories are like waves carried on water. What I am interested in is the states they form, rather than the plots they create. In order to elaborate these states of my fictions, I tend to narrate implicitly.

I am driven by Taoism, in which emptiness is the eternal reality. From this perspective, there is nothing from the beginning, and emotions and desires are transient. In “The White Snake”, my thesis project, human nature is epitomized with illusion. The plot is loose, and the time is vague.

Since I was trained as a painter and have been immersing in Oriental arts for years, metaphorical communication particularly interests me, and has much influence on my images and sound. In my narration, I consider all components (such as shapes, textures, movement, and sound) as threads of stories. To me, they work as texts – perform, develop motions, and speak a thousand words.

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