• yard sale (an art show)
  • yard sale (an art show)
  • yard sale (an art show)

yard sale (an art show)

This was a group art show based on the theme of a yard sale, which took place in Santa Fe, NM this summer. Yard sales are always random, nostalgic, and tacky-therefore, each “item” created kept those ideas in mind. This show also acted as an installation/performance; yard sale signs were put up on a breezy sunday morning, which attracted strangers as well as invited guests to an actual yard where negotiations were made (sometimes).

***My pieces included life-size drawings of food in plastic bags, drawings of collected seashells from around the world, jars of drawn buttons (some with actual string sown through the button holes), and drawings of random pieces of string. I also put up for sale a moon rock (at a considerably discounted price), pet rocks, used pet batteries, pet bottle caps, and one pet colored pencil, spray painted gold objects, lucky pennies, jokes for 25 cents, and TOP SECRET/CONFIDENTIAL secrets.***

This show also acted as a statement to the way people interact with art (or the lack of interaction). These art pieces were not meant to be framed on the wall, but were meant to be added to other people’s collections, souvenirs, toy boxes, and random drawers!

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