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Allison Brandi’s Work

People often tell me that I have my own style. I strive to portray my vision through my work, in a way that makes the public curious and concerned, not confused and turned off. I attempt to create pieces that are eye-catching, yet content-driven. I prefer to work with India ink, watercolor, beeswax, paints and glass; however, I am also comfortable creating pieces using video art, printmaking, charcoal, markers, conte crayons, colored pencils, and various other media. I use my fingers as well as a brush, or a palette knife. I almost never work with one single media unless I am painting. My ink pieces involve beeswax as a deterrent and often include watercolor. My charcoals are created with ink or marker worked into the piece. I utilize various media to form each cohesive piece. To me, art is a means of portraying a feeling or concern. Through their work, artists have had an impact on society for centuries, and I hope to join in that endeavor.

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