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Stretched Space

These works seek to investigate, excite, and provoke each individual viewer’s feelings and impressions of space and architecture. Ultimately, I hope that after viewing these works, I will have conveyed my passion and perspective, at a visceral or gut level, of how I view and experience at building and environments, how to look at space, how to look at our world and to share my joy and passion for these buildings with the world.

The Photo-Mosaic technique consists of shooting a wide field scene as individual photo frames and then assembling them into a unique assemblage which reflects my unique vision as a professional architect of a space or environment.

When viewed at full size, one has a sense of immersion in the scene or hyper reality. This effect is created in part due to all focal distances within the panorama being in focus, unlike a single photographic frame where typically only one distance range is in focus with the others being blurry.

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