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In Transcendessence, I am exploring the role of women in this modern age. The unending conflict that exists within every woman; the ability of the woman to transcend space and time- to suspend them- while she attempts to alter her own spiritual being into what this world expects of her, and yet, what she (fundamentally) needs to be. A fantasy world. I portray the figure as a somewhat ghostly image, in an effort to convey the translucidity of the female spirit. Perhaps indicative of my own insecurities, though unfortunately relevant for all women, this current series of my work intends to show strength of spirit and will; the beautiful power within all women to rise above all and shine luminescently in the face of any adversity. However, please don’t misunderstand. I could just as easily paint about the conflicts within men, religions, races… The focus, here, is women because I am a woman. A woman who has survived a great many hardships, and a woman with a great sens
e of spirit. This, like all of my paintings, is personal. I have so much love for all of humanity.
We all have conflict.
We all have stories to tell.
These are just mine.” -René Romero Schuler

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