• Ariel- the struggle
  • Ariel- the struggle
  • Ariel- the struggle

Ariel- the struggle

Thank you for taking the time to view the photos of my most recent work. I started working on this piece just over a year ago; though envisioned for quite some time. Having had to deal with a great deal of pain both physically & emotionally over the past 15 years; I’ve had many highs and lows. Being able to overcome my disabilities, though I do fight on a daily basis to stay strong enough to continue working on pieces such as these.

To me this pieces represent; the struggle; her left hand clenching as though grasping for something that isn’t there…. yet the piece is also graceful and as beautiful as the model it represents. The materials that I have used; blackened and polished Bronze on stone column. I spent many days at the foundry finishing this piece as well as at home working through the sculpting process: making the mold and lost wax. The creation of this piece is a labor of love; this being my first bronze sculpture It clearly represents the dedication I have and the passion I feel.

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