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The aim of our project is to explore the plausible reactions of an individual dealing with the issues of death, loss, mourning and therefore its potential consequences on one’s life.
Death of dear ones is built-in with life but everyone goes through it in its own way. Vulnerability, loneliness, repression, dismay, void, depression. These are just few among the human emotions linked to loss and death. To tell this story we focused our interest on the most extreme possible reaction: suicide, death calls another death.
To do so we figured out the story of a girl who, due to an episode of memory repression, lives and relives the day of her boyfriend’s death, striving to change the fatal outcome. (i.e. denying the mere fact of his death). When she finally acknowledges that he won’t be back for good, she takes her life.
Dead instant photo is a fictional project. We chose black and white picture technique as a means to express this particular reaction. As death appears to us as a static moment in the flow of everyday life, as the same way photography could fix, inside a frame, situations and emotions.
Inside our video, we choose to enfatize only few objects, all with the same color. And to do that we choose red, a metaphor for the color of blood. All these elements are connected with the death of the girl’s boyfriend. Telephone, train time table, days on the calendar, news on the newspaper.

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