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Earth promotion is the angle in my work. Involved within the logic of composition and balance are visuals, which I hope will convey my feelings of frustration and also those of strength.

Road-kill Revenge: A road-killed fox has been blessed with rebirth and an enormous humanoid body. With this she can destroy that which has so irreverently slaughtered her Earth brothers and sisters. The spirits who endowed her with this massive destructive power remain vigilant, guiding her as she pursues her purpose. She wreaks havok on the human civilization in pursuit of absolute revenge.

Rootstomp: This creature-person is slamming his root feet through the concrete, and into the soil, returning life to the Earth below as leaves and pollen fly from his fingertips.

“In Reverence”, Nature’s Claim: The cat lady is claiming the road-killed rabbit for the Earth as she is a spokesperson for nature. The expired rabbit’s lifeless body does not belong in the streets only to rot away. If it is left here, this body that once housed blessed life will be something to ignore, to be avoided by man and left to breed sick bacteria. She will return the dead body to the forest where will become life once again.

Degradation of our planet’s life forms has driven me to the realm of art.

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