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Resisting Assimilation

  • Added 12/16/2009
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This series is an ongoing look at individualism in a world becoming more homogenized. Assimilation can be defined as the process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological characteristics of a group. This is not always a bad thing, but in a world that is flattening out with respect to our differences and the things that make us unique we run the risk of being assimilated into uninteresting.
For the photographs I dress all participants in a black turtle neck shirt and photograph them against a black background. This is my way to illustrate the differences in our likeness. I give little or no instructions during the photo session other than to demonstrate to the participants where to stand. Without directions people tend to resort to the familiar. For some this might be nervousness for others it is a chance to get lost in their own thoughts still others turn outward with smiles and laughter. It is this individualism that I am looking for when staring through the viewfinder.
At first I did not see the implication of the project as I was looking at the photos individually, but after I had photographed fifty people, printed the images of each one and laid them out all together it become obvious to me that every person’s individualism shined through despite being dressed and photographed the same.
Our personalities come through our faces, our expressions, our mannerisms we use our hands as extensions of our face. When someone squeezes their hands tightly generally their face shows tension and alternatively when they throw up their hands a smile tends to cross their face.
Incorporation maybe unstoppable but the good news is we the people are not faceless drones remain individuals as snowflakes even when dressed alike.

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