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The window is a widely used symbol to demonstrate the need to see through something that is clouding our lives. Through a window, one can see a world of possibilities rather than directly experiencing them. The window may be a passage from a world we know well to one completely different.
There are many different kinds of windows – some of them are more interesting themselves, whereas others attract us only because of what we can see through them.

In our dreams the window can infer frustration, protection, or illusion. Also windows in dreams sometimes show one thing, but the actual experience is something quite different.

Windows may serve as symbols of a home, private life, interior space and safety. They let the light in, allow those inside to see out. Curtained window can show us either only good-looking window frame with some plants in beautiful pots on its windowsill, or represent security of the secret life. And when it’s dark outside, the bright windows are especially tempting for random passerby.

(c) Anastasia Barabanova

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