• “..it’s my life..”
  • “..it’s my life..”
  • “..it’s my life..”

“..it’s my life..”

My artwork is a reflection of my life. I have projected frozen moments-good and
bad-onto the canvas. As my style and personality matured, I traveled the world.
My artwork tells a story-my story, of the different periods in my personal and
creative life. I was born and grewup in Bulgaria, where I obtained a Bachelor’s
Degree from Velico Tarnovo University of Fine Art. My free spirit, and lust for
discovery and exploration fueled a worldwide journey. From Bulgaria, I moved
with my family to Czechoslovakia and again to Germany in 1991. Uprooting our
lives with two children proved both adventurous and challenging for me.
Once we arrived in Germany, I found myself eased and inspired by many
traditions, culture and good friends there. I kept painting and managed to put
on a couple of shows in Germany while trying to explore different parts of Europe
too. My paintings hung in galleries in Paris as well as different
international shows in France. When we moved to the United States in 1994,
I discovered another world-the world of electronics and computers.
I became a graphic designer for a couple of years and then a clay modeler
for General Motors, where I have been for the past 5 years. Here I found the
opportunity to show my artwork at many national andinternational shows,
where I received most recognition and awards.
Today my portfolio reflects a variety of mediums and style.
My paintings from Bulgariadiffer greatly from what I produced in Germany
or America. I spent many years as an abstract artist, but the human figure
has always persisted in the creative process. Now the human _expression
and relationship are the leading thoughts when I take a brush or pencil.
One thing I am trying to achieve is creating a work in which life and painting
blend in a perfect existential poem. I will present the viewer with a harmonious,
contemplative image, which speaks to the spiritual complexities of our existence.

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