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Manage a Trois

Manage a trois: Yellow, Red, And Blue

The following 3 works are depicting different parts of the female form.

Each piece is untitled #1, #2, and #3. Reflecting the concept that these female forms are merely numbers, de humanized, just body parts for the viewing pleasure of others.

Each piece is a bold colourful, pop arty, almost cartoon like composition. The mixed media portion within the female form was designed using Xerox transfers from the adult want ad section of a local newspaper.

The acknowledgement of the body form being beautiful in its mere essence has in itself had some contradictory outcomes for the female form.

The obsessive drive in our society to sexualize women into merely sexual beings, body parts, without cerebral and emotional essence is prevalent in every day life.
These works aid in reinforcing this concept for in them they are both sexually suggestive and exploitive.

I hope this work, although appearing light and frivolous, will stimulate thought and conversation about the insidious way women’s sexualized/naked or partial naked bodies are depicted. Often used for mere visual pleasure, selling of commodities, or selling of themselves.

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