Zoophiles love

Zoophiles love

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It is part of a collection composed by 12 painting called “Discovering Human Sexuality”
I was inspirate by an article of Thomas Francis pubblished the 18th of August 2009 by Miami New Times, “Animal Insticts”.
The painting describe a kiss between a Man and a Dog, slitly hide by the colors used and surranding by a structure of building that should describe the Ocean Drive of Miami South Beach.
I was going around Miami Beach and in each newsbox there was the picture of a man kissing a dog. In the beginning I couldn’t understand the meaning of this picture in the newspaper, than I took a copy and I start to read the article. The first impression was “WOW, in Italy, they could never pubblish an article like this… Church, politics and the 90% of the population could get upset”, than my impression went into the protagonist of the article and I felt for him lonliness, because, even with the Thomas Francis article, I could feel the indifference of the people of Miami. So I decide to describe this feeling in a painting: a non direct understandable image of a man that kiss a dog in the center of the painting , hide by the color of the Building of the Ocean Drive of Miami South Beach.
In the end I think, that love is love, and it does matter where and how it come out and even zoophiles insticts, I think can be considered love. Zoophiles are part of our world and there is notthing of innatural because it is part of the hide human been instict and a bit of zoophiles love is hide inside each person.

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