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As a lifetime painter of over forty years it is abstract for me to give you an artist statement dealing with the present work. Art as a lifestyle is an on going event that leads the painter through many levels of accomplishments. As I have grown, so has the brush in my hand.
For many years I studied the abstract impressionist and their intense brushstroke. I noticed the same stroke in the landscapes of the Impressionist. The zany art produced by the advent of the rock movement. The direct approach of the graffiti artist opened another avenue for me as well as media and advertising.
In the mid nineties my direction in life altered a bit as I got more involved in politics and the harmonic convergence. A part of me opened up as I traveled the world as a performer, leaving my art to rest for a few years. As a result a series of political satire painted in a very tight style started to emerge in my series.
For the past 10 years I have been evolving as a landscape painter and continue to take the earths beauty to a new limit beyond reality. Some say my work looks like Van Gogh. (Probably because of my use of the swirl.) The reason I choose the spiral in my work is to symbolize the circle of life and the changing forces of time. It is a sacred symbol and I employ it as a metaphor. If you wish to compare my work, I would be comfortable with being compared to a child.

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