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Surveillance Series

  • Added 04/03/2010

Initially inspired by surveillance camera data and surveillance video imagery, this body of work began as an exploration of the boundaries between the familiar and the unknown, the banal and the extraordinary, the physical and the psychological.
Surveillance, the act of watching, and the recording of the most common and unremarkable information, has filtered into innumerable places in our lives. We are simultaneously oblivious to, and hyper-conscious of the cameras’ “eye” that watches.
This focus on the non-event, and the documentation of the uninhabited zones of the non-place, fills these photographs with an uneasy anxiety. The perceived danger paradoxically comes directly from the nothingness of these scenes.
These photographs were shot with a video camera; the end product is a still image. Because these singular moments come from a video stream, the viewer becomes aware that these are snatched from a continuum, and are not a frozen slice of reality.. Now, what we trust and what we rely upon rests on shifting ground

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