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Into your arms

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“Into Your Arms” is a performance-installation in the heart of the city.
This project came out from the story of a woman who, to recover from an impossible love affair, begins to walk through the city, goes into bars and cafes, supermarkets and churches… stops drivers and bikers, comes close to a passerby, a tourist, a homeless… to ask them: “Excuse me, can you take me into your arms?”
Each day she writes down the encounter with these men and women.
Each day she writes to the man she loves and loved, telling him about her recovery.

The project is divided into two stages:

– Performances throughout the city. For at least two days and two nights, Béatrice Didier goes to different places in town and performs with this question: “Excuse me, can you take me in your arms?”. During these performances, she is accompanied by a photographer / video artist.

-Installation: At the end of her performances, Béatrice lets us see some traces (pictures, videos, letters…) in an area of the city to be defined: a station, a shop, an apartment, a bus, a park…

The first foto is about performance in Brussels. The second and third are about performance in India.

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