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seth brenneman’s topologic explorations exhibit a ‘wholly systemic nature.
using commonplace materials, familiar and immediate environments
are subdivided into a composite of modulated interiorities.
beginning with elastic void, fluid space is made through structured interstice.
a network of interconnected interiors that in turn create a network of interconnected interiors; void becomes unplaceable & counterpart to itself.
“philotic web” is a playful challenge to rethink how useful conventions like
‘outer’ space may be a limitation when all things are considered.

a crucial feature to continually transformable systems is expressed componentization paired with non-destructive connections.
“philotic web” operates as a minimal, transformable tensegrite field:
energetic tension membranes, inert (save self-weight) compressive boundaries, and attraction cleverly discretized into an elementary macroparticle.
reversibility as such turns art into a kit for variable redeployment.

inherent to the work is the notion of modellability;
these structures embody fundamental forces in an active way.
form results directly from material constraints in ongoing engagement.
the structure is “active” because it is self-stabilizing,
constantly seeking a dynamic equilibrium
do the forces guide the selection of form?
or does the selection of form guide the forces?
this is the same puzzle embedded in any problem of organized complexity:
seemingly a priori balance.

it is from this reasoning that one is capable of making parallels to structures across a range of scales, physical & cognitive:
hydrodictyon algae, dendrites, online traversals, galactic superclusters,
etc per se etc.

versatility of the system allows it to be implemented in protoscientific ways; artistic constraints become controls and variables for potential study. container volume, number of particles per field, membrane constants
[here, Q is taken as a measure proportional to maximum field deformation]
once determined, artistic ‘intention’ can be minimized and
the role of improvisational catalyst may be assumed.

excitement generated in the observer and (prior) interactive spectators suggests still larger mysteries (would one expect any less from a wormhole?)
the context’s contribution to each progressive implementation reveals a work of distinguishably different character. its appeal is intuitive as our brains piece together novel behaviors of an obviously larger, responsive entity.

characterization by global fax professional // cambridge, mass // transmitted 4.30.2010

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