• Synesthetic Translation #28-30
  • Synesthetic Translation #28-30
  • Synesthetic Translation #28-30

Synesthetic Translation #28-30

Dina’s 3 pieces are her translated senses on paper. “Choke” is a translation of her paradoxical vocal fold motion disorder. “Crawlopus” is a translation of her creeping sensation of migraines. “Spots” is a translation of the permanent aura from her migraines.

Dina Marie Bernabò was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1984. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2007 for product design. She has worked as an industrial, fashion, shoe, graphic, and sustainable designer. Dina is also the publisher and author of her own line of books. She is an artist and filmmaker who is inspired by her synesthesias and the textures of her senses. She started building an online design company called Where the Fish Live TM in 2007 and launched it in the Spring of 2010.

To view the site and for custom orders please visit: www.wherethefishlive.com

Where the Fish Live is a design company that encourages the imagination through a varied product line: Children’s Books, Art Prints, The In-Ex (Internal-External) Synesthetic Film Translation Series, Silkscreened Organic Cotton Tees and Natural Cotton Tote Bags, Soft Stories Toys, Blankets, Mobiles, Bakery

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