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The Shoe Project

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In a society where who you are, is dictated by what you do and who you know, a woman’s shoes are a true indicative. This work explores the relationship that women have with their shoes; how it plays into their identity. The work speaks as a conversation between voyeur and exhibitionist, an extension of glamour shots, and the sitter’s opportunity to experience the commercialization of society through fetishism. The images become a commodity and the experience becomes the subject’s “15 minutes”.

In this body of work the women who sat for me, who are not professional models but part of the demographic of women who love fashion and art, be they socialite or your next door neighbor, exhibit a new persona each shoe they put on. With the cult of celebrity, reality TV, and the general visual onslaught of the media, people today are looking for their moment of recognition. We choose to put our best foot forth, usually ensconced in Prada, in the hopes that people will get a glimpse into who we desire to be, how we wish to be seen; who we portray ourselves as, thus speaking of the actual self.

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