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The Faceless project started from the need to tell the human body and the huge communicative potential that it brings; as the title says, the idea is acting by subtraction, revealing the absence of the face as the basis for an investigation of the movement.

The face, with its wealth of expression and the ability to attract, by itself, the attention of the viewer, is thus concealed; the body remains. This “interference” creates alienating figures. Faceless is intended also as a reflection on the different identities that the body assumes in relation to the natural and cultural environment in which it operates. The center of the project is, in a nutshell, the conflict generated by the juxtaposition of the body to the face, hidden-replaced from time to time by simulacra of our lives: wigs, masks, clothes…

The project is divided into more or less short series of photographs; until now only have been produced five works on the subject: Feminea, Black Russian, Siren’s Dream, Countryland and Swamp Women.

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