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Light Skin

  • Added 06/14/2010

Light Skin

“Light Skin” is a result of a research on effects of light on people’s mood, correspondance between visual/tactile interpretation, and tangible interfaces, with the desire to create a fluid, technological, responsive object.
In a society where we have to know, control everything, I wanted to focus on sensations : I wish that everyone can rediscover the simplicity of senses and marvel at the magic of light.

“Light Skin” is a tangible interface able to control light. As the user touch, caress, press its surface, « Light Skin » awake and respond to this manipulation with a beautiful, changing, colored light.
The sensory interface present a variety of textures to play with depending on your mood.

This interface contains the light itself, which allows the user to interact directly with it, as if he created light from his own hands and thus it makes the experience very sensitive, intimate and fusional.

“Light Skin” is a very thin surface to be deployed on a wall, or whatever physical medium as it is very flexible. It is set as an interactive installation composed by several stand-alone pieces.

Behaviour :

Depending on its mood, the user feels like touching certain textures rather than other in a particular way, varying pression and speed of touch. The interface assimilates and proceed data, resulting in an unpredictable color, more or less saturated, that reflects this tactile communication.

“Light Skin” has an impredictible behavior because it it “alive”. It reacts to your touch but also interpret it according to its own feelings. So, each experience is very natural, intuitive and unique.

Composition :

“Light Skin” contains embedded sensors and LEDs interconnected, controlled by a microcontroller. It is composed of three layers, like real skin : the textured surface is the one exposed to physical contact, the one in the middle has LEDs and the last one has pressure sensors. The layers are interconnected and form a whole that stays very flexible because of the material : circuits are casted in a soft but resistant silicone. As it is transparent, we can see the electric wires and understand a metaphor of veins transporting blood for the body to live as wires transporting power for “Light Skin” to feel and light up.

“Light Skin” is presented as an interactive installation of 6 pieces, from 20 cm to 50 cm diameter, deployed on a surface of 2 meters high * 3.80 meters wide. This configuration is totally changeable and adaptable with the space.

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