• My Sea, My Soul
  • My Sea, My Soul
  • My Sea, My Soul

My Sea, My Soul

  • Added 06/11/2010

These three pieces, taken from a larger series developed over the past year, explore themes of fragmentation, identity (of the self and society), temporality, and the forces that play on each of these. Images of the sea are juxtaposed with figures and body parts so as to evoke the vastness and unknowability of the ocean when contemplating human identity. Philosophy, art, religion, and society all offer different ways of interpreting and conceptualizing human identity, each professing to be the right way, but what they fail to realize is this very vastness of identity forever changing, fragmenting, and being reinvented through the abundance of narratives that exist in the world. I sought to connect this abundance of narratives to my art by using an abundance of commonly found objects but rarely used to make art. By opening my art up to a wide variety of media, I suggest that we each open ourselves up to the beauty of the abundance of self and cultural narratives, moving away f
rom any single-rooted meta-narrative.
These three pieces are more specifically about a kind of experience of the self within this fragmented, multi-narrative world.

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