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  • Added 06/03/2010

Each of these were made using only water-based ink markers. They are feelings in my heart that spill on to the page, and only the paper keeps them from spilling everywhere. I love to draw, it’s how I talk 🙂

The first one, “Almost there…” is a phoenix, my favorite mythical creature. I drew it when I was falling in love. Red is what I relate with love, so since I wasn’t quite in love I chose colors that were almost red. And the phoenix of course, because it’s powerful, beautiful, healing, and immortal, like love 🙂

The second one, “DestroyingDelusions” is kind of confusing…In a doodle dictionary I had, it said that when you doodle a clock with several hands it means you don’t know where all your problems were coming from. The butterflies are of course freedom and change, and the clock melts where the butterflies leave because changing and understanding destroys it. This is one of the few pictures I actually planned to have it mean something specific.

The last one, “Cracked Heart” I drew after being treated very badly by a best friend I’d had…I felt really fragile, like a cracked egg.

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