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When at a gallery, people always say “I don’t get this?” or “What is the artist trying to say?” Why is it that we feel we have to know the intention or meaning of something in order to distinguish our like for it? Art should be for all and for all to understand. However the understanding of art should stem from you; your memories, your experiences or merely your own personal taste.

Leonardo da Vinci said that “although nature commences with reason and ends with experience, it is necessary for us to do the opposite; that is, to commence with experience and from this proceed to investigate the reason.” For me, I do just that – live life to experience and through my art, investigate the reason. I attempt through contrast, color, texture and strokes to convey through my experiencing eye, how all aspects of the world gets intertwined in our daily lives. Capturing a basis within cultures, places, and nature, I strive to extract an essence or character in the sights we may neglect, ignore or deem as insignificant in hope to render them beautiful.

Art I believe, can heighten our experiences, past or present and bring out emotions which help in a realization towards our reasoning’s. Therefore in my work, I intend to present to my viewers a different perspective of looking at every day sights the way I appreciate them. However, what I as the artist intends, isn’t what’s important. What is however, is that you find some quality, good or bad, that sparks your attention hinged simply on; you.

Andrea M. Moroz

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