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The Labyrinth

  • Added 06/13/2010

These are photographs and they are apart of a larger series called “The Labyrinth.”

The series is part of a larger movement that I am currently exploring and coincidentally with this contest I have not found a name for.
Through my digital work, I have been working with concepts such as detachment and disconnection from the ‘real’ world. I see the world as though it were a dream, and in this ultimate disconnection of reality I can envision a pristine world.
I don’t know how it works for other mediums of art, but I have enough experience to say that with a photograph, one can imagine oneself being the perceiver of what is within the image. In other words, we can put ourselves into that image as if we are seemingly viewing that moment with our own eyes. I say seemingly because of course we seldom have the real context of what is happening in the image, but I digress.

With my digital images, the viewer cannot imagine themselves to be standing inside of this building, this labyrinth. They are told it is a photograph, and they are aware of the elements of such–perspective, depth, focus, et cetera. In a way, these two things preps their psyche to view the image through the lens of ‘this is reality.’ Yet upon viewing, one realizes that all of these perceptions are incorrect. It is here that lies this detachment from visual reality.

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