• Transmutable Creature of Two Worlds
  • Transmutable Creature of Two Worlds
  • Transmutable Creature of Two Worlds

Transmutable Creature of Two Worlds

I believe that art attests people’s attempt to overcome the grip of the banal world because of knowing Spirit.

I’d been plagued by self-pity and remorse because while I tried to transcend the material world as an artist, I owed a bunch of money and people were starving. I could not ignore the question of purpose. I tried piecing an answer by following all the bits of beliefs I’d collected over my life and making a wonderfully convenient and superficial collage of spirituality a la Minerva. But I kept searching because deep inside I knew that what I believed had no true foundation…I was floating.

It was a drowning fear and desperation that took me to a spiritualist who, to my amazement, pointed me to the last place my educated mind thought it would ever return: Christ and the New Testament of The Bible…although skeptical, I was seeking with an open mind… so I read.

In these paintings were recorded the struggles between the doubts and fears of my past, and a desire for hope, faith, and love. It is a battle that I continue to fight daily, but that has strengthened me. I’m not here to serve people with my art and life, but God. That truth sets me free, so that I can better serve people.

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