Verão series

Verão series

  • Added 06/13/2010

Memories, are complex collections of stored memories. Through illustrating my perception of memories, I work toward understanding them. I am particularly interested in how visual cues can subconsciously recall vivid aspects of memory. Using archival photographs of landscapes and transfering them onto canvas, I invoke the notion of memory.

I compose vibrating plans of fine and obscure separate layers of oil paint at various thickness with gel. I exclusively paint the fine details on specific items to represent the vivid cues. I monumentalize the detailing of each object by gold leaf, commemorating its significance to my Portuguese heritage. Meanwhile, the obscure surrounding represents the elusive fragmentation of the memory.

Along with the contrasting planes, the layers of colour (predominately earth tones) create an overall timeless expression. Subsequently, my expression of memory recall has led me to paint atmospherically nostalgic places that are ambiguously familiar.

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