• “Waves of Decision” “Rising Waters” “Faces”
  • “Waves of Decision” “Rising Waters” “Faces”
  • “Waves of Decision” “Rising Waters” “Faces”

“Waves of Decision” “Rising Waters” “Faces”

Frequently, I’ve found myself overlooking the natural beauty of the world due to the distractions within my day-to-day life. Many of us become so immersed with responsibilities and possessions that they begin to dominate the view of the landscapes before us creating a resistance to embracing our instincts, turning us blind to the awe of nature. This compels me to create art that ignites our shared appreciation and admiration for this planet.

In my work, through subject matter and process, I attempt to reflect the unpredictable temperament of nature. This haphazard and formulaic collision of elements is found in everything and truly captivating. The colors and patterns that indiscriminately emerge in nature are what I seek to capture in my painting.

If we continue to wipe away our footprints, we can protect and preserve our planet. My art serves as a simple reminder. A reminder that asks “where do we live?” and “who should we thank?” What are we if not a consequence of our environment? From a drop of dew on a blade of grass to a winding canyon wall, everything is everything reminding us, “it” is “we”.

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