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I call my work “iconic imagery”. It is drawn from my rural beginnings in the South where I learned from the women in my family to use objects found in the home and in nature to create art. The pieces I create are the interpretive study of woman as a symbolic image. They evoke nature, religious images and cultural references which have a strong feminine point of view.

I have always been drawn to the use of female allegorical images, such as the Madonna, angels, brides, warriors etc. These icons form the basis for my sculptures. The contrasting mediums I use help to convey the intended message. Collaged layers of metal lace with antique costume jewelry, hand carved wood and smooth procelain-like skin combine with welded steel to create my modern woman.

The pieces are sculpted in polymer clay or resin with fabricated steel, brass, silver and wood. I often incorporate found objects, rhinestones and old brass stampings. I then hand paint them with acrylic paint and cosmetic makeup. I enjoy the layering of different textures and media. My palette of techniques expands as my images develop and grow

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