• Rikshaw, tower and island
  • Rikshaw, tower and island
  • Rikshaw, tower and island

Rikshaw, tower and island

These paintings are done with water miscible oil on board. They have each taken me hundreds of hours to complete and are part of my debut collection.
The only drawback I find in painting the traditional way rather than using a speedier modern medium like photography or digital, is that it will take me the rest of my life to paint all the idea’s I have for future paintings. This forces me to really believe in what I am painting since I have to be so selective about my time.
I study the world very closely when I’m not in front of my eael, so that I can interpret it when I begin to paint. I don’t use models or photographs as well and believe in strengthening my intuition so that when I paint, I am working from memory. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading this.

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