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The Idea of Home

  • Added 11/12/2010
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“The Idea of Home” is an ongoing body of photographs that chronicle a biannual trip home to visit my parents at their seasonal cottage in New Hampshire and primary residence in Connecticut. Since I have resided in Texas for nearly five years now, my concept of home feels altered; I am reminded of the distance between my place of origin and my current location increasingly with each trip back to the Northeast. While I consider these places to be home, the growing sense of nostalgia reminds me that I am seeing “home” from the outside and am no longer a direct part of it. Concurrently, while I identify with these places I find myself investigating them as if I’m seeing them for the first time with each visit. In these images, I aim to capture elements of place that resonate ideas of home, family, closeness, distance, nostalgia, and comfort.

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