• Vibrations from the Valley
  • Vibrations from the Valley
  • Vibrations from the Valley

Vibrations from the Valley

My current interest is in the relationship between Silicon Valley’s native environment and also its technological developments. Through my research I have found reoccurring patterns in both geography and native plants. Patterns that are used by nature to guide energy like photosynthesis through leaf veins. The landscape of the Valley and the Bay area can be seen as a tide pool or a womb, where life and energy rush in, accumulate, and develop exponentially. Influenced by the dense forest that surrounds me, I see the redwood trees as a competitive species; tallest of them all dominating, and closest to the sun. If one can’t grow in the shade of a giant, or doesn’t have the genetic stability to do so, natural selection will takeover and ultimately decide fate. The Redwood forests specific to the California coast reflect the conglomeration of computer companies that continue to reach higher up the economic food chain. Only those who create the next best design, discovery
, or product will survive in Silicon Valley. Much like growth patterns of plants, especially their veins, the Silicon Wafer conducts electricity through patterns imprinted onto its wafer layers. Furthermore, all computer circuitry functions in this way. Using patterns from the wafers and the native environment, I explore the unity of these two contrasting ideas, nature and technology, through a visual flora of patterns from both realms.

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