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GRAY is an animated film made from mixed media drawings and paintings by artist Xuan Chen. The film lasts 8 mins and 50 secs.

The creation of conflicts is an important aspect of facilitating the narratives contained within Xuan’s work. The gregarious nature of individuals is a catalyst for those to seek conformity in groups of others that share common interests. In an apparent contradiction, those individuals that do not feel they belong to those groups, still form groups based on their differences which essecially is conformity by nonconformity. Through conformity and difference, tensions build within the narratives through the relationships between groups, between the individual and the group, and between individuals within the group. Those relationships are the basis from which our culture, our sense of self, and our identity are constructed. The conflicts and tensions deal with her personal experiences, which concern the exploration and struggle with her own identity, inner conflicts and miseries within her home country and as a minority in the United States. Xuan intend to present these issues
for both herself and the observer to ponder. Xuan has tried to include moments from transcendent realities, random events, intuitions as well as intentionally obscured feelings in order to allow room for interpretation. Made from drawings with limited color palette, the style of animated films is expressive and symbolic, as well as representative. Xuan is interested in re-creating those narratives so that the observer can emotionally relate to the symbolic representation of her past experiences.

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