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Handmade paper

I have always had a fascination with paper. My grandfather was a lumberjack and my hometown’s economy was completely dependent on two paper mills. As a child I hated that little town. It smelled bad and was over two hours away from civilization. It wasn’t until much later I appreciated my upbringing for its simplicity. It gave me my creativity and a deep appreciation for nature.

My fine art work is my attempt to reconcile that passion for nature with my other passion: fashion. These two ideas seem at odds but both have a level of craftsmanship and detail that isn’t found elsewhere. It’s all about the process. I start with a piece of handmade paper. Each piece is unique and will handle ink differently. Keeping that in mind, I choose an image that will compliment the paper. My goal is to have both paper and image become one single piece of art. Neither could exist without the other. I use the natural texture of the paper to distort the image and then add brush strokes, ink splatters, cup stains, ect. to further merge paper and image. All of this work is printed digitally, using a standard pigment ink printer. The result is a truly unique print.

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