• Peace and Pain
  • Peace and Pain
  • Peace and Pain

Peace and Pain

One aspect that draws me to photography is the unique story that each image tells. The interpretation of the story is individualized and defined by the photographer and the viewer. Each image gives the viewer a glance at the diversity of life at a specific instant through my perspective. My intention is to take photographs that encourage us to open our eyes to all the fascinating, beautiful, and sometimes dark aspects of our world.

These photographs are from a series of self-portraits that depict peace, pain, and death. Self-portraits have always been an interest of mine because of the creativity and preparation in setting up a shot that involves me in two roles, the photographer as well as a subject within the image. I look to incorporate various settings and utilize different objects or materials to capture unique moments. I tend to utilize natural light to reflect, highlight, and capture different subtleties within the photographs. In general I enjoy the artistic freedom that photography allows me.

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Black and White Oahu.

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