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My art work flows from a basic desire to find and create meaning in my life, something about complexity and richness and paradox. It is fueled by questions I ask myself concerning the realities I am confronted with.

I usually work on several pieces of work concurrently. The central motif becomes my inspiration of a series of paintings, and the rest of the work revolves around it. My figurative paintings are connected to viewers through anonymity and the very nature of existence. Humans constantly seek to uniquely identify themselves in everyway they can. In our search for meaningful existence in a crowded world, there is still a desire to belong and connect.

Process is critical to my work. The growth of my paintings is gradual uneven, surprising and spreading unpredictablely. To me, process of making a painting is the process of watching that first mark, brush work and gesture grow. The rough-up paint has some sort of eastern calligraphy expression.

My work also introduces movie experience into paining by connecting between movie atmosphere and painting atmospheres. The essence of my paintings is more close to the essence of movie image, which isn’t its composition but its flow, its changeableness, and its kinetic feel.

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