• Crucifixion of Desire
  • Crucifixion of Desire

Crucifixion of Desire

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The project is a conversation, between the viewer and object, and challenges the viewer: – what is desire? What is pornography? What is obscenity? What is erotic?

Tthe “Crucifixion of Desire” is the “fana” the epicenter of worship and veneration. The wall is the conversation of erotica, nude men and women, transsexuals, gay men; poems of Sappho, Petronius, Anais Nin, Calvino, Pablo Neruda, Andrew Marvell, DH Lawrence, Whitman, Namaya, and others; and images and poems of Moghul erotica..

The Madonna of Desire is a figure wrapped in barbed wire, with pasties, and a two foot penis crowned with hot pink condom.
She is in a prison two foot wide, 6 feet long, 6 1/2 feet height. Her black penis with a condom peers through the bards

The shattered mirrors offer a perspective for the viewers. The figure, the Madonna of Desire, embraces all of these aspects of the erotic, sexual, and redemptive. She is in the cage. Across the bottom fields of broken glass… the dreams of unrequited love.

The profana is the drapes some 5 to 10 feet (2 to 4 M) in front of Desire are dense and opaque plastic, with the questions and statements written on it: “No one under 30? No one over 30? What is your desire? Is this forbidden? What is obscene? Please, don’t look. The curtains completely surround the “Crucifixion of Desire.”

There are paths on either side with directions – Desire? Curious?

People will need to make the choice to view and see the Madonna of Desire.

In the next panel, is figure of the Pentagon man. What is more pornographic two women making love or two soldiers trying to kill each other?

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