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  • Added 02/21/2011
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I like to take photos, and meld them in some instances, in order to portray a play on words or a phrase. For instance, here we have “You Are What You Eat”, “Traveling With Trunk”, and “I See Dead People”. In the “I See Dead People” it’s interesting to note that the figures you can see in the eyes of the cat were not there at the time the photo was taken. It was a completely baron porch other than myself as the photographer. In “Traveling With Trunk” I had just discovered a new fish eye and took a picture of a tree. Later I thought it would be amusing to add a man walking up the trunk of the tree, hence the title. In “You Are What You Eat”, it was equally amusing to add my son’s mouth to the apple. I hope you enjoyed my work. Thank you for viewing, and for any comments and/or votes. Rose

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