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1.Jingle Dress entitled “Balance”. The three Layers of blue represent above (sky), middle (earth), and below (underwaters).
Living in balance is not a straight road, we all have our ups & downs, positive & negative, etc. This is why the jingles are placed as they are.
The top of the dress (in the sky world) is where the thunderbirds reside. I made the sleeves of translucent material to represent clouds. I placed the Mizhibiizhew on the leggings below, representative of where they reside; in the deepest darkest waters.
2.This piece was inspired by two things, the photo which the mannequin is holding and ‘Peace, Power, Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto’ by Taiaiake Alfred. New York: Oxford University Press, 1999.
Excerpt in his book where he discuss’s clothing & purchasing habits.
I envisioned a First Nation student attire which addresses who we are and yes we are in contemporary society, yet the motto is opposite to what was forcibly taught in residential school. This is an unfinished piece, as I will be remaking the logo in my language “Maanoo gdoo-jiibaam da-gzike” also as statement of what they tried to take away from our peoples.

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