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Street artists, street art, graffiti, collage, tags, engraving… Theses words, before underground and marginals, are today even more difficult to qualify. Once commercial or « arty », once politically engaged, opinions differ but the prices are still growing up. And street seems to be more and more present into people mind as a common exposition place, faddish, but accessible to everybody. However isn’t art present in the street since ages ?
Stefan Eck knows that perfectly, and even he grinded his style over some walls in the north of France, it is through the ancestral art of parades, creating large metallic structures and performing it in the streets, that he build a strong style and vision. From Beijing to New York, he developed a strong and flourishing universe, evaluative, colorful and inspired in a direct relationship with his public.
——《Jekyll&Hyde magazine》, Paris

His work is the embodiment of who he is and what he does. He challenges social graces and offends the settled, fearful and paradoxically safe heart. From designing and building parade floats in Japan to creating live street art in northern France, Stefan pushes all the red buttons. Akin to chili in your cereal, his work will offend some, please others and leave a monster in your closet!
——Dave Reachild, musician in Toronto

General Background
“As far as I can remember I have always had a passion to promote ‘art in the street’ with the purpose of creating a dream for the mainstream. I believe my purpose is to create an experience that comes alive, an experience that transcend the barriers of language and cultural differences and brings everyone together.

I originally began to illustrate walls by painting in the street and around public spaces, in live houses and temporary exhibitions. It started as a summer job where I learnt the craft of parade float construction, working on large metallic structures. I then began to understand that performing arts such as parades or carnivals have important roots in our culture across Europe and are a strong medium in the promotion of art in the street.

Living art is also nomad. For almost 10 years now, I am moving around the world, building a visual language based on the multiple countries where I live. Japan, Europe, North America and now China, I learn how to integrate with new culture and like a sponge, I absorb everything.”

Car¬ni¬val Stras¬bourg (France 1999 > 2001) – Mido¬suji Parade (Osaka 2002 > 2004) – Urban Leg¬ends(New York October2009) – Design Festa (Tokyo Octo¬ber 2009) – Gallery Nucleus (Los Ange¬les Decem¬ber 2009) – Design Festa (Tokyo May 2010) – Res¬i¬dence Imag¬ine, Artist res¬i¬dency pro¬gram (Bei¬jing April 2010) – Artaq award, Euro¬pean Street art Awards (group exhi¬bi¬tion, Euro¬pean tour 2010>2011) – RAW, Solo exhi¬bi¬tion (Bei¬jing June 2010) – Kanon Cafe (Bei¬jing June 2010) – Iberia Art Cen¬ter, per¬ma¬nent exhi¬bi¬tion space (Bei¬jing) – Art Friendly Gallery, per¬ma¬nent exhi¬bi¬tion (Brus¬sels) – Chiyumo Art¬space, per¬ma¬nent exhi¬bi¬tion (Dali, China) – You lucky bas¬tard tour (US, April 2010)


The House of Tate # 15 (Sep¬tem¬ber 2009) – Art Friendly Artshop (Brux¬elles) – 22:blog (Novem¬ber 2009) – Art¬slant (Novem¬ber 2009 show¬case win¬ner) – Pulp¬tree (Jan¬u¬ary 2010 con¬test win¬ner) – Oeil (Self pub¬lish¬ing) – DrJekyl¬letM¬rHyde (Inter¬view) – Gallery sights (1 fea¬ture page) – Printeresting June 2010– Artaq Book 2010
(2 fea¬ture pages) – Urban Leg¬ends 2010 (2 fea¬ture pages) – T&L Magazine China June 2011 – Arbor Collective 2011 Collection T-shirts – Glossom June 2011– Hypocritedesign June 2011


BLOG: http://stephaneeck.tumblr.com/

ART COMMUNITY: http://www.glossom.com/stephaneeck

Europe: http://www.artflakes.com/en/shop/stephane-eck

Americas: http://www.society6.com/studio/stefaneck/store

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