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In observing the shifting patterns of current social behavior,and consumption, I have noticed how emerging products embrace and often highlight a person’s insecurities. To wear an Armani suit or to sit in a new truck with 4-wheel drive– drives an attitude change and a confidence infusion. Why is this true? Has there been an unexpected union between person and product? There is a proliferation of products based on the themes of personal protection, connected isolation, regulated routine, and identity enhancement that begs the artist to open a window, to reveal this union with cautionary humor. My work has developed over time based on these principals.

The following sculptures highlight each of these concepts. As an artist, I am extremely excited when designing, engineering, and building structures that satirically dance with the accepted constraints of the current human-to-object discourse. As a human being, I am always fascinated with the typically quick, often awakened, and very amusing moments that occur when I launch my creation into an unsuspecting audience. Individuals interact and form a different union, becoming connected with the piece. Thus, I use video to capture and share what I consider to be the power that silently exists within many of the inventions that we unwittingly accept. The experience of the audience is gratifying as individuals discover the work again and again within their daily activities-allowing me to share my view of the risk of an unexamined world.

Portable Cellular Phone booth,2002 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Polycarbonate 16″ X 24″ X 36″ a retractable phone booth that is carried on the back and can slide up and over the head isolating the speaker from society Fast, slick action, like the flip of a cell phone, unites human and gadget.

Diepod, 2006 Marble,Cast Concrete,Video 20″ X 16″ X 34″ marble tombstone/iPod designed to capture the sound track of your life and provide loved ones, and the deceased, entertainment for all eternity. “We spend our life with our pods and eventually we all end up inside one.”

Adver-ties, 2007 Video Screen, Fabric Necktie 3″ X 60″ neckties with a video screen that can be used to discreetly broadcast one’s agenda

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