• Nicole Hammonds Abstract Insights
  • Nicole Hammonds Abstract Insights
  • Nicole Hammonds Abstract Insights

Nicole Hammonds Abstract Insights

My passions rest in individually elusive domains. My central focus is to raise my wonderful children in a way that guides them to utilize their individual abilities to the best of their capabilities. My educational and professional background is in the areas of organizational leadership and development, early-childhood developmental processes and enhancing the lives of others within a hospice community. Two of my three children have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, thus the motive for my graduate education choice being psychology. I make every effort to have the opportunity to support others on their journey through life.
My peripheral serenities are sharply diverse. My dominant emphasis is acrylics on canvas, however I also express myself through my passion for mixed media, photography, sculpting, textiles, drawing, writing, and expressing a range of concepts by means of my poetry. My motivation is to innovatively design authentic corporeal thoughts, beliefs, opinions, concepts and philosophies.
At times it seems as though my talent in art goes unknown but I remind myself that my talent should not be measured by external interest but rather by the satisfaction that I see in others whom have appreciated my work.
In sum, I am a musician whose rehearsals are composed of authentic corporeal thoughts; an inventor of tangible creativities and an individual whose dream is to become a psychologist whose practice and focus is to inspire others by inventively offering the multidimensional knowledge’s that life has offered me. I truly hope that you enjoy my artwork as it was made for each of you in a way that is more than distant words can express.

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