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Series of three

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In each of my artworks I try to express feelings through color. My effort is to incorporate the three primary colors, which represent the extreme emotions. Blue-sorrow, yellow-happiness, and red for feelings of love or hate. In this case, I make a connection of the primary colors with a series of three objects.

There is an expression of emotion in the face of a violinist every time he/she plays the instrument. On hearing the tone of the violin, the listener receives a feeling of sadness. I try to show this feeling by incorporating a watery dark blue into the negative area of the artwork.

Chess is a game of war tactics. Reasons for war include the hatred of enemies, and the protection of loved ones. I use the bishop chess pieces to represent the thought of war. With the splash of red, representing blood, I am able to show the feelings of hatred and love.

The painting of apples makes a connection between all three primary colors. The red apple is in the center because feelings of happiness and sadness come from love and hate. The center apple includes heart-shaped layers with red coming from its center to resemble the love and hate that flows from the heart. The blue and yellow apples are on opposing sides, blue on the darker and yellow on the lighter side. This shows how the heart can give feelings sadly or joyfully.

Hope colors will bring success as I study the arts in college.

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