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The Quilt

  • Added 06/15/2011
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When working on “The Quilt”, I wanted to explore quilts in a way that Frank Stella explored the canvas. My plan was to create a work that did not take on the form of an average quilt. I had originally envisioned an abstract shape encompassed of different patterned materials. The outcome of the project was not what I had originally intended; but like Frank Stella, I still employed the idea of exploring the canvas by allowing the materials I used control the outcome of the project. Each color of thread was used until it was gone; each space was determined by the foot of the sewing machine. The total size of the quilt was determined by the number of colors that came in the collection of Coats and Clark thread. By letting the material control the outcome, I managed to create my own version of what Frank Stella did so well.

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