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  • Added 06/15/2011
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Turn Me On is an interactive installation based on the cycles of a relationship. There are 3 stages: Attraction, Pulsating, and Repulsion. Each room is modeled after a particular stage. As the viewer moves throughout each room, the light and sound respond to the viewer in the manner of the room.

When the viewer enters the first room, the light is dark and quiet. As the viewer moves closer, the light slowly gets brighter and hums, symbolic to a first attraction and meeting. As the viewer withdrawals from the first room, the light gets dimmer and quieter, until it goes off completely, in the same manner it began.

When the viewer enters the second room and draws near, the light and sound turn on and palpitate (pulse width modulation). This is symbolic to a steady romantic relationship, when all is well, healthy and wonderful. As the viewer exits, the light and sound slowly go off.

When the viewer enters the third (and final) room, the light and sound immediately turn on to full blast – intense brightness and screeching . This is similar to the ending stages of a relationship, when the proximity of the other brings intense negative emotion and repulsion. Then, the light and sound end abruptly, plunging the viewer into darkness and silence.

The installation spaces articulate the psychological stages of a relationship.

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