• Crouching Boy – A Serving Tray
  • Crouching Boy – A Serving Tray
  • Crouching Boy – A Serving Tray

Crouching Boy – A Serving Tray

I am making work about the human body. My time in the studio has been devoted to refining what I actually mean by that. I have found that my forms come from my technical metalsmithing influences and my ideas come from the anxiety I feel about the corporal self. By constantly looking and making work about the body, I am trying to command my own feelings of unease as well as understand where they come from.

My work has become a push and pull of metal and tool marks. I am always searching for ways to create such a seemingly hard material become more flesh-like. This repetitive process of mark making is my way of excavating the source of my anxiety about being human. The serving tray format functions to commemorate, investigate, and reflect the beauty of the human form. The decorative edge of the tray become a frame or mirror for which to consider a part of the self. I hope to engage others in a dialogue about craft objects as being essential to dealing with being human.

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